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How To Reach New Customers With A Business Blog

Business Blog

We’ve written previously about the importance of content for business websites. Content comes in a variety of different mediums, such as press releases, guides, photo galleries, videos, and blogs. Certain mediums are best suited for particular businesses. However, every company should have a business blog.

Blogs are a proven method of reaching a broader audience. Everyday, there are people asking questions online about the products or services your business offers. The terms they input into search engines are called keywords.

Why Should You Have A Business Blog?

Blogs provide a method for businesses to answer questions that people are asking. If your business blog answers these questions, your website will rank higher in search results. A blog’s purpose is providing insight into the keywords that people are searching for.

Let’s pretend it’s tax season. People are confused by a particular tax law and are searching online for the answers. The following three CPA firms will have varying degrees of success in reaching these people.

  • CPA Firm #1
  • This CPA firm does not have a website. It has no chance of reaching this audience.

  • CPA Firm #2
  • This CPA firm has a website, but does not have a business blog. Those seeking answers will find them elsewhere.

  • CPA Firm #3
  • This CPA firm has a website and a business blog. The blog author researched keywords and has written a post explaining the intricacies of this particular tax law.

In the scenario above, CPA firms #1 and 2 have failed to capture this emerging online audience. It goes without saying that Firm #1 needs a website. While Firm #2 has a website, the lack of a business blog is preventing the firm from more efficiently reaching a broader audience.

Firm #3, on the other hand, has discovered trends and is acting accordingly in order to capture the emerging audience. In this example, you can see how a well-written blog can be the difference between reaching potential customers and losing them to competitors.

Now, it’s unrealistic to expect that your blog will be able to cover every topic in your industry. However, blogs present an opportunity to provide in-depth solutions to common problems. Every blog post is a landing page for users interested in your topics of discussion.

By focusing on the right keywords, your blog will be included in the search results of commonly asked questions. For more on how to research keywords and how to implement keywords into your blog, make sure to read our previous posts. Keywords make a huge difference when it comes to search engine rankings.

Are you interested in adding a business blog to your website? Do you need help researching keywords or creating content? Do you want to rank higher in search results? Contact Business Website Builders today to learn how we can help your business thrive.